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Laughing Mom

Naomi Maharaj of LaughingMom.com

My name is Naomi Maharaj. A few years ago I was sent a Facebook chain mail called “25 random things”; the goal of which was to write 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about yourself.  On mine, Number 25 was,I have a secret career ambition that only [my husband] knows about.” My secret ambition was, and still is, to be a writer.  I have always wanted to be a writer, but I never really thought of it is a career possibility so pursued other options instead.  Now, at 35, with a 19 and a 3 month old, I have an inkling to get reacquainted with my creative side.  Whether this blog will ever become a ‘career’ in the traditional sense of the word is to be seen.  For now, I am just happy to have an outlet to share my thoughts and (hopefully) to engage in some good conversations.

Why the name Laughing Mom?  I want my house to be filled with laughter; from the ‘my mom is doing something hilarious’ giggle of my toddler to the giggle my baby gives when you snuggle his belly.  In the face of sleep deprivation, crying babies and tantruming toddlers, I hope to be able to see and share, the humour in it all.  Laughing Mom just seemed to fit.

The Specifics. 
As of when I start this blog, my husband and I live in Edmonton with my 19 month old boy AC and my4 month old boy names KC.

I have a BA in Arts and  Masters is Library Information Studies.  I am presently on maternity leave from my other job.

Oh – and that photo was taken in my 20s way before kids. Hey, it’s the Internet…

10 Comments on “About Me”

  1. Jenifer Schaefer Says:

    You still look that lovely! Congratulations on the launch of your blog 🙂


  2. kposh Says:

    good luck with your blog! i started my blog when i turned 30, also as an outlet to release the thoughts in my head.. and hopefully to motivate people! i hope to one day publish short stories.. hopefully by 40? 😉 ive read a few of your posts already and they are super fun! cant wait to read more!


  3. TheDoGooderMama Says:

    Looks like you’ve already received one, but one can never have too many awards. 🙂 http://thedogoodermama.com/2013/05/02/a-liebster-award-for-me/


  4. Kaela Moore Says:

    Congrats on another Liebster! Love your blog!


  5. jo lumabi pedersen Says:

    okay, okay you got me laughing already with that photo from 20’s thing 😉 I am starting a blog and love to read inspiring stories. So count on me following you so we can laugh our hearts out & make a toast when we get to write the label “writer” in our name! I hope to put my site very soon. Congrats, Naomi!



  1. I go away for ONE month, and what do I come back to??? | @befaster - December 8, 2012

    […] week ago I got a notification that I had been nominated for the Liebster Award by Naomi Maharaj at LaughingMom.com!  A big thanks to her for the nod, to all the people who have visited this site and stayed […]


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