Be Careful You Are NOT Traumatizing Your Children

August 25, 2013

Guest Post, Make Me Laugh

Make Me Laugh for Weekend of August 23, 2013.

This week’s Make Me Laugh was submitted by Laughing Mom reader Rachel Thomas. Rachel is an ex-babysitting pro as well as a professional writer and blogger. She is a graduate from Iowa State University and currently writes for She welcomes questions/comments which can be sent to

Be careful how you have fun with your kids, especially if you are a little bit crazy like I am.

When my daughter was little, we lived in a small, older house which was equipped with a huge attic/exhaust fan in the ceiling of the main hall going to the bedrooms. I had been doing my best to bomb and spray and get rid of the gigantic tree roaches, the Godzilla of bugs, the terrors of the night, the evil that lurks in the dark…I am guessing you are getting the idea that these bugs were horrible!?  No matter what I did, we kept getting them in the house even after I saturated the doors and windows with insecticides.

Long-Hallway-in-SN-HouseOne day I was walking down the hall and it dawned on me as I looked up at this huge exhaust fan – They can squeeze through the tiniest cracks and even though the fan was not open they could be coming from the attic. I was excited that I may have found the problem and went running for the poison! I began to spray up into the cracks of the exhaust fan and I kid you not the tree roaches began pouring out in droves. I was so excited that I called my then four year old daughter in to see.

Yes, here comes the traumatic part. She took one look and ran the other way. I thought I was being the conquering hero and she would be excited. She tells me now that she is older that she could never again walk down that hall, she would run down the hall with her head ducked down to make it to her room. Ugh.

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