Will Smithersize Style.

June 12, 2013

General Humour, Parenting

I recently read an entertainment news article about Will Smith, where he indicated that he didn’t punish his children, “…you can do anything you want as long as you can explain to me why that was the right thing to do for your life.”

I assume this non-punishment punishment came at a time when his children were at an age where they could engage in this level of conversation and not when his children were the age of either of mine (1 and 2).

But just in case, I do have a number of questions that I would LOVE for my children to “Will Smithersize” for me.

Things Laughing Mom’s Children do she would like for them to explain ‘Will Smithersize style’.

will_smith1) 2 year old: You have been asking for bubbles all morning. It is now warm enough to go outside and you are jumping for joy that it is bubble time. You dance around for about a minute and then start getting upset that you are not blowing the bubbles. I give you the bubble wand, but this is not enough; you want the bubbles too. Against my better judgement, I hand them over. A fore mentioned bubbles get dumped on the grass. Total time spend asking for bubbles: all morning. Total time using bubbles: 8 seconds.

2) 1 year old. You are not allowed to play with plugs. I have plug protectors on them so you won’t poke things into them. No, you cannot play with the plug by trying to remove the plug protectors. No, you cannot unplug items plugged into plugs so you can get to the plugs. Please. Stop. Why are there so many friggin’ plugs in my house? 

3) 1 & 2 year old. It is a nice sunny day out. Do you want to play outside? Great, we just need sunscreen and a hat. No, I don’t want to chase you around to get sunscreen on you. OK, I caught you. Why are you crying? Does it hurt? The sunscreen? Does it hurt? Then why are you screaming? Oh, you don’t want to wear it. Makes sense. Please put your hat on. No hat, no outside.  No hat, no outside. No hat….get back here.

4) 1 year old. Are you all done eating? You ate all your banana, did you want more? Yes? Ok. (Hand over more banana). Banana ends up everywhere BUT his mouth: the floor, the table, the ceiling, my shirt.

5) 1 year old. I don’t want to go to sleep. I don’t want to go to sleep. I DON”T WANNA GO TO SLEEP. I DON’T WAN…snooze.

6) 2 year old (when he was younger). You would like more water to drink? Sure. (Hand over water). Toddler’s hand goes in the water. He smells the water. He smells his hand. Repeat (a few times). Water gets poured onto plate of food he is done eating. “All done”.

7) 1 & 2 year old. We don’t want to bath. We are going to play super nice – nicer then we have all day just so mom will hate to interrupt us and we won’t have to bath. We DON’T WANT TO. (20 minutes later).
We don’t want to get out of the bath. We are going to play super nice, nicer than we have all day so mom will hate to interrupt us and we won’t have to get out the bath. The water is getting-so-cold-but-must-stay-in.

I keep asking them Will, but they don’t answer.


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One Comment on “Will Smithersize Style.”

  1. Keeping Up With The Holsbys Says:

    I hear you. Will Smith just made me feel like I was doing it all wrong. You made me realise I’m ok.
    And bubbles???
    Forget about it.



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