Rules for Spring Break

April 9, 2013

General Humour

Spring Break is here!!

Wait a minute. I think it over. This post was supposed to go up during Alberta’s spring break but it seems I set the post-date incorrectly in WordPress. However, my girlfriend was kind enough to share her House Rules for Spring Break, so I still wanted to share them with you.

House Rules for Spring Break (Submitted by Angela C.)

The author has 3 school-aged children.

1. Under no circumstances can you get out of bed before 7:00 am.
2. If you are hungry, you know where the pantry is.
3. Watching TV all day does NOT count as ‘doing something productive’.
4. Cleaning your room by piling everything on top of your dresser and under your bed does not actually count as “clean”.
5. Yes, you are allowed to play on your iPod. If you want to play with it, please go and find it. Don’t say you’ve “looked everywhere”. I know you haven’t.
6. Figure out the purpose of the Toy Room before the dumpster gets to have a play date with all the toys not in the Toy Room.
7. If you want to build Lego – go and build it. Mom’s job is not to build it for you while you watch TV. (see #3)
8. Due to its importance, Rule #1 needs to be repeated. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES GET UP BEFORE 7:00 AM!!!!

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