Dear Treadmill : A Love Letter

March 19, 2013

General Humour

Dear Treadmill,

I know it has been awhile. Almost 3 years. I didn’t call, email, or even text. I didn’t venture down to the basement for a visit. I abandoned you without any explanation.

I’m sorry. It wasn’t you. It was me.

treadmillFor years we would get together at least once a week in the summer; 5 days a week in the winter. I’d listen to terrible pop music and count down to water breaks. You’d listen without comment, encouraging me up and down hills and through pre-programmed work outs.

Then I became pregnant. I felt sick for most of the day and was so, very, very tired. It was all I could do to make it through the work day. For the first trimester I’d get home from work and crawl right into bed, barely waking to eat dinner and going right back to sleep. By the time I started to feel better, I had forgotten all about you. I abandoned you. I thought about paying you a visit when my son started sleeping through the night. But before I knew it, I was expecting our second son and there just wasn’t enough time, or energy, in the day.

I should have talked to you before today, before I tried to just pick up where we left off. You were upset, and mean. I could barely hold my previous pace, and even then only for a fraction of my previous time. You laughed. Pointed out it had been 3 years, what exactly had I expected? I barely broke a sweat yet my legs feel like lead and will be sore for days.

I am ready for us to make up. Let’s forget about those missed years and how things were before. Can we start again? It won’t be easy. Lets start with a few slow walks, maybe add in a jog in a few weeks?

I am convinced that with time we can become good friends again.

Yours in fitness,

Laughing Mom

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4 Comments on “Dear Treadmill : A Love Letter”

  1. ldsrr91 Says:

    Our machine has a second job … we hang our clothes on him.



  2. dc Says:

    Base off of
    none of the treadmills will fit me. It’ll also be another clothes hanger. A fancy clothes hanger.


  3. roberta4949 Says:

    I have my treadmill on our enclosed porch (insulated to) we just bought a new one since the other one we had for 7 years broke, the support brackets gave way, plastic after all amazed such a cheap machine lasted so long. I used it every winter and during bad weather when I felt the need to exercise and this new one is much better easier on my legs and I am actually doing some jogging segments iwthout my legs killing me afterward considering I am obese. it has a higher weight capacity the belt is wider, the attachments are tighter to keep the belt in place without having to constantly adjust like I had to the other one, it has ahigher incline and better heart rate moniter. my hubby uses it everyday to. it allows me to stand up straighter while still being able to hold the handles to help me with my balance, which by the way I am finding on this new one being wider I can sometimes not use the handles at all and try to walk on it without using them. it is a nordictrack too. so get yours out of the basement and put it where you will walk past it and where you can look at the scenery, (used to have mine in the living room and would watch tv while I used it, it really did help motivate me to use alot more) but it was getting in the way so moved it to the enclosed porch. now I can look at the snow falling the birds visting the feeders and watch others walk/jog by. nice.



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