Mommy Makeover: The Plan

February 13, 2013

Edmonton, General Humour

Looking in the mirror the other day I realized it was time to pay my hair dresser a visit. I never experienced the rumored thick, luscious pregnancy hair, but whatever hair I did gain now clogs my bathroom sink, and has officially been replaced by tiny regrowth hairs which stick up all over my head. As an added bonus, more of them are grey than I would like.

So I did it what any woman in my situation would do: I figured out some time slots my partner was home to have the kids and I called my regular salon, ready to beg for the time and days that worked best for me. To my chagrin, I discovered my trusted stylist is no longer with the salon. WHAT?! But who will do my regular cut and highlights? I know there are rules about taking clientele with you when you leave (the salon won’t tell me where she is now working), but I LOVED HER. I never thought to give her my card in case she ever went out on her own and after two years I am ashamed to admit I only know her first name. Advanced as social media is, a first name and ‘stylist’ is not enough information to locate someone. I begrudgingly made an appointment with someone new and am already dreading the too-short cut and too-blonde hair that inevitably occurs when I go to someone new.

Then I started to question: why am I getting the same old cut and highlights anyway? I know a lot of moms, me included, who are striving to get back to where we were before we had children – the same weight, the same clothes to fit, the same level of fitness, the same shoes (high heels and a toddler anyone?), the same hair…maybe instead of trying to be the same as I was before I can…try something different. Two children in two years is a lot of change. If you read this blog you likely have new(ish) children too. Perhaps it is time for a new us! So I have a plan.

Laughing Mom’s Mommy Make Over Plan

Start Simple

I haven’t paid too much attention to myself in the past few years so I am not sure I am ready to start with a drastic hairstyle change, and I don’t have infinite time to primp and preen. So I am going to start slow.

1) A Fresh face.
My good friend recently sent me some You Tube videos on make up techniques of Kim Kardashian. We joked about who had the time to spend that much effort on daily makeup. But then I tried the tips in the video and was amazed at the end result. I plan to spend some time looking up additional videos, to then pair down the effort to a simpler version.  My previously mentioned good friend is also an Avon representative so I can shop for new make up and brushes from the comfort of my home and have a new look delivered directly to my door. I still don’t plan to spend longer than 10 minutes getting ready each day but I will have an updated look.

2) A Clean face.
I am 30…something. I haven’t had blemishes since I was a teen, so I am guessing it is time I update my cleanser and face lotion. I have already done some research on brands in my price range, but plan to pay my local drug store a visit as well. I have no idea how a tiny $40 jar of cream will erase my fine lines and wrinkles, but I am willing to give it a shot.

Get a Little Fancy

3) Self tanner.
Since I was pregnant the past few summers, I was plenty hot and sweaty without the need to add direct sunlight to the mix and avoided bronzers in case they could have on any effect on the baby. Something tells me drinking a Pina Colada while relaxing in a lounger will be less than possible in the midst of a slip-and-slide, sand and water table (aka ‘mud table’), sprinkler, and a 1 and 2 year old. Self tanner it is.

4) Nails fixed.
I have never been one for getting my nails done, but I am amazed at how quickly I notice a nice manicure on others. I unconsciously pick at fake nails and almost have them off within a few days of getting them applied. A friend of mine who is an esthetician recommends I go with a gel nail polish instead. I get some color while protecting my nails and giving them a chance to grow. And I can get a new fun color each time I go.

5) Wear clothes for the shape I am, not the one I plan to be.
Since my youngest has started to sleep better, I have more energy to hit the treadmill a few times a week. But getting back to pre-baby shape is going to take a while. I am not saying I need to buy a whole new wardrobe, but some staples that compliment my current figure are a must. Note to self: if I wore it when I was pregnant, I should not be wearing it now.

The Finale

jennifer-aniston-hair6) A new do.
I have a diagonal blunt cut so the options seem to be to go really short (think Emma Watson post Harry Potter), or really long (think Jennifer Aniston in that Mark Wahlberg rocker movie). This will take some consideration. There is always a chance I will come out looking more like Harry Potter than Hermione, or worse, over processed, bad extensions a la Christina Aguilera.

7) Write about it.
These aren’t things I can do over night. As I try out some local (Edmonton) options and products, I’ll report my experience here. Maybe you’ll be interested in trying something new too!

Now, to just find the time….

Too much for you? A Mommy Makeover doesn’t have to be time intensive or costly. How about a new set of frames for your glasses, try parting your hair on a different side, or a new lotion fragrance? Please share your Mommy Makeover tips.

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