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November 9, 2012

Edmonton, Make Me Laugh

Friday features Make Me Laugh.  Readers share a humorous family related story or photo. Please send your submission to:

Make Me Laugh for November 09, 2012

submitted by Angela C. of Fort Saskatchewan, AB.

The other Tuesday morning I woke up after a good night’s sleep feeling fantastic. I have three children. The two oldest (A in grade 1 and C in grade 2), were all ready for school – dressed, eaten breakfast, and teeth brushed. My youngest, L, who is in preschool Mondays and Wednesdays was in PJs playing with his trains while I spent some quality time with the two oldest kids sharing interesting stories. It was finally time to get ready to leave for school.  I told the two oldest to get their coats and shoes on and I tell the youngest to throw his coat on over his PJs so we can drop the other two at school.

It was then that my oldest son C says, “Doesn’t L have school today?”

It’s Tuesday. “No honey, not today.”

My daughter pipes up, “But isn’t today Wednesday?”

I pause to think, and realize that I had completely forgotten what day it was. Yes, it was Wednesday and yes, he DID have school! After quickly composing myself and creating a mental list of everything to get done in the next 15 minutes I started rushing around getting L ready for school. Have you tried to rush a 4 year old to get ready for anything? We got him ready in record time and all made it to school before the bell.

It’s pretty sad when a 6 and 7 year old know what day it is, and Mom doesn’t…

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