Does Victoria Beckham Drive a Van?

November 6, 2012

General Humour

I like to think that if we ever have the chance to meet, Mrs. Beckham and I would become friends. Vicks (that is the nickname I would give her) and I would bond over stories of our boys’ rough housing and the cuteness of her daughter would make me seriously consider having a third. Over Friday night drinks we would joke about our distaste for board game nights and complain about our husband’s hectic work schedules. She would take pity on me for my fashion blunders and take me under her style wing, dressing me in none other than her own couture. We would be besties within a week.

Victoria Beckham is my celebrity mom idol. She performs at the Olympics closing ceremonies, designs her own clothing line, has her own fragrance, is a model, singer, oh, and a wife and mother. She is often photographed out with her family, cheering on her husband or her boys. She shared photos of her newest addition, Harper, with the public as opposed to selling the photos. The interviews I read (an example from the Guardian) usually include her referencing doing something for her children, such as the school run or after school activities. I recall reading somewhere that she does not have a live-in nanny; the fact that she looks ‘tired‘ lends credence to the thought that she gets up with her baby instead of getting other people to do it for her. She manages to do it all looking effortlessly put together.

If I were to be in the same room as Vicks (the nickname works, no?) I would not ask for a photo, click one incognito, nor ask for an autograph. I wouldn’t trip over myself asking her silly questions such as what is it like to be married to the hotness that is David. I wouldn’t try to bond with over birthing stories, or for that matter, post birthing stories (if you have had a baby, you know what I mean). I would avoid ‘average joe’ topics around diet (I clearly don’t follow the same one she does) and exercise (ditto).

However, if I ever have the opportunity, I would ask Victoria Beckham if she drives a van. She has FOUR kids right? We have all heard the mom / soccer mom / van jokes, and the purchase of one usually comes more out of necessity than want. I imagine when you have four children a van is a necessity. How does a style icon pull off a van? I see the conversation going something like this:

From VB’s Twitter page:

Excuse me, Mrs. Beckham? Do you drive a van?

You do? Me too! Which one did you go with? I went with the Odyssey because I thought the seats were the most comfortable and I liked the back up camera.

I didn’t know Rolls Royce made vans. Makes sense. How do you find driving it in Louboutin’s?

Really?! *giggle. You are so funny (Vicks just shared a private joke between her and Mr. Louboutin with me). Does the Rolls van come with a DVD player?
No? I have a portable one you could borrow if you like. Hey, I guess it makes sense you drive a ‘soccer mom’ vehicle?

Heard that one before? S
o how do you travel with all four of them, including an (almost) toddler and always look, well, so awesome?

Your children don’t get messy, throw food, or spit up. Ever. Makes sense.

Yes, I really could do with a style make over, I would love for you to help me. Mind if I call you Vicks…

Next time, I’ll ask her what she brings to soccer when she is the snack mom.

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2 Comments on “Does Victoria Beckham Drive a Van?”

  1. Christine Says:

    Loved the post about Victoria Beckham drive a mini van, especially your fake convesation about it. Keep the funny writing coming!



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