Black and White – Toddler Style

October 26, 2012

Make Me Laugh

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Make Me Laugh for October 26, 2012

submitted by Holly T. of Calgary, AB.

Life with a toddler is so real. By real, I mean these little people are completely and totally black and white.  I hear the grey zone in the middle appears somewhere after the age of 5 when, I guess, their inevitable growing up starts to occur.

I was having a ‘pushed to the edge kind of day’ and was hoping I didn’t get any more nudges. My son (TR) was 22 months when my daughter (KI) was born and was most “helpful”.  One morning I awoke especially tired since my 4 hours of sleep were broken and I had no less than three different contractors arriving that day. Did I forget to mention that the week we had our newborn we decided to undertake a major renovation on our house/property that my husband and I designed and were general contractors for? WHAT WERE WE THINKING???  We were thinking we would be tied to our house all summer anyway (KI was born in May) so we may as well. This particular morning I found myself overtired and by the end of the morning routine topped off with a fussy baby, I was near tears.  I opened the fridge and a covered bowl flew out, landed on the porcelain tile, and shattered.  (So much for that Corelle guarantee.)  Worse yet, it was dip!  Urg, what a mess!  Instead of my usual “oop-see-doodle” in front of the kids and nonchalant attitude toward spills, my head sank and tears rushed to my eyes.

TR so gently put his hand on my back and said, “Mom, don’t cry, there are more in the cupboard.”

Those few words were enough for me to gain perspective, hold him in my arms and feel joy once more.

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