New Words to be added to the Webster Dictionary: My Recommendations

October 15, 2012

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Webster Dictionary recently released the words from 2012 which will be added to the Webster dictionary. These include aha moment, mash up (courtesy of Glee perhaps?), and my personal favorite, f-bomb (how was this only added now?!).

After much consideration, I have decided to submit the following for Webster to consider for its 2013 additions.

1. Toddlerfication.  Verb.
Definition: The process where-by one’s home slowly stops being an adult home while simultaneously quickly becoming a safe for / fun for toddler home.

Some examples of the verb toddlerfication in action include :
– packing away all vases, picture frames and breakable items so they don’t fall off tables / get thrown off tables.
– converting room previously known as ‘guest bathroom’ into ‘toddler bathroom’, complete with potty, potty seat, bath toys and fish wall decals.
– replacing adult furniture (such as coffee tables) with train tables, boxes of lego and toddler size tables and chairs. This example can quickly lead to the rooms previously known as ‘office’ or ‘flex room’ to now be known as a ‘play room’.

Used in a sentence: To complete the toddlerfication of our TV room, we need to replace our antique coffee table with a pleather ottoman.

Variant: toddlerfy

2. Never-Napper. Noun.
Definition: Refers to babies who indicate they are tired (rubbing their eyes, yawning, crying) but refuse to fall asleep. Often leads to care-giver pacing the nursery, using a rocking chair or car-driving for long periods of time. May also refer to babies who nap only for short periods (less than thirty minutes), or who nap for considerable less time then it took the care-giver to get them to sleep.

*Warning: One should never say variants of the following statements to the parents of a never-napper:
– Johnny takes two, two hour naps a day. I am in the best shape of my life!
– I am SO bored, Sam naps half of the day.
– I  make all of our meals from scratch, what else am I going to do while Emma naps?

Used in a sentence: I would love to workout during my son’s nap, but I am lucky if my never-napper sleeps for twenty minutes.

Baby Spiderman Costume by Disguise.

3. Toddler Sense. Noun.

Definition: A vague but strong sense that something is wrong or suspicions. Usually occurs when the parent can neither see, nor hear their child(ren). A variant of Spidey Sense.  When one’s Toddler Sense starts tingling, the parent is likely to catch their child in the act of doing something they are not supposed to be doing.

Used in a sentence: The kids were awfully quiet. I saw the empty carton of crayons and my toddler sense started tingling.

Variant:  Teenager Sense, Spidey Sense.

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4 Comments on “New Words to be added to the Webster Dictionary: My Recommendations”

  1. Angela Christensen Says:

    After a terrible nights sleep competeing for bed space with a 3 year old I literally LOL’d while reading this 🙂


  2. Louisa Says:

    These new words are awesome! I shall start using them immediately to impress all my friends with toddlers. 🙂



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