October 12, 2012

Make Me Laugh

Friday features Make Me Laugh.  Readers share a humorous family related story or photo. Please send your submission to:
(ALL submissions received before October 31 will be entered into a draw for a $50 Lululemon gift card.)

Make Me Laugh for October 12, 2012

submitted by Jennifer S. of Edmonton, AB.

When my oldest, Maddy, was four, she bugged me daily for a pet bunny for over a month.  Considering we already had two unruly golden retrievers, Lily and Daisy, I could not imagine another warm body for me to take care of.  I thought I was pretty smart when I told her I’d get her a bunny if we traded in at least one of the dogs.  The subject was dropped and I thought, finally, I won an argument with a four year old.  I rock!!  Two weeks later Maddy and I took the dogs in to get their nails trimmed.  As the lady took Daisy through the swinging door, I heard Maddy pipe up loud and clear, “Can we have our bunny now?”

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One Comment on “Pets”

  1. sandra tyler Says:

    we just got our first puppy/dog ever Monday. I can’t imagine two! I know cats better, but since we have allergies cats were not an option. So we got a mini poodle — like having a newborn! The doggy potty training takes some getting used to. Too bad they can’t just use a littler box!



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