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September 21, 2012

Make Me Laugh

Friday features Make Me Laugh.  Readers share a humorous family related stories or photos. Please send your submission to:  naomi.laughingmom@gmail.com.

Make Me Laugh for October 21, 2012

submitted by Angela C. of Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta.

It was a regular school day so I took my oldest son and dropped him off at kindergarten and thought I would use the time of only having two children at home to run the ever important errand of dealing with our furniture order which had “gone wrong”.  Grandma graciously offered to come along to keep me company.  Upon arriving at the store my youngest son decided to climb on every couch, giggling all the way, with his older sister chasing him and yelling for him to stop. Grandma promptly followed them trying to harness their energy while I attempted to deal with the salesperson.

After 10 minutes of getting nowhere fast, and my youngest son was throwing a full on tantrum because we dared to stop him from running around the china cabinets, grandma took my youngest son to the van to wait for us.  Suddenly there was silence and I could focus. My daughter found a TV playing a movie so she sat quietly and watched while mummy got down to business.

After 20 minutes of figuring out the order with the salesman I was drained and focussing on what I would find when I got to the van and how annoyed I was at the furniture store.  Would grandma be tied up?  Would my youngest be running wild while grandma was curled up in the fetal position crying?  Would I ever get my furniture?  So I rushed out  to the van and was happy to see grandma just fine and my youngest watching his favourite  DVD.  I get into the van and start complaining about the furniture store and how annoyed I am, when grandma interrupts me…”Where is Aislinn”.  Pretty sure I went pale at that point.  I ran out of the van and back into the store to find my daughter still sitting quietly watching the movie.  She was completely unaware that I had left her alone 5 minutes, I on the other hand couldn’t believe my stupidity.

I think that’s why kids are built to be “loud”…it’s so we don’t forget them 🙂

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