Where is Your Brother?

September 14, 2012

Make Me Laugh

Friday features Make Me Laugh.  Readers share a humorous family related stories or photos. Please send your submission to:  naomi.laughingmom@gmail.com.

Make Me Laugh for September 14, 2012

submitted by Angela C. of Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta.

I normally do not take all three kids with me when I go out shopping but I decided that I was going to a small store to look for school clothes so it couldn’t “be that bad”.  I was wrong…as I tried to look through the clothes I had to stop for two pee breaks (not mine), unwrap three lollipops (not for me), stop a game of tag, remove one of the children from a ride on toy and stop 5 fights over god knows what.  To say the least I was ready to leave and we had only been there 10 minutes. I did however finish my shopping!  So it was time to leave and I gathered up the three kids and gave the bag of purchases to one child, gave the shoes for the youngest (who refused to put them back on) to the other child, picked up the youngest and realised I didn’t have my keys.  After searching through my “Mary Poppins” handbag I found the keys and was ready to go.  I made it to door, opened it and asked the two children getting into the vehicle where their brother was and as per usual they were ignoring me.  I asked again where their brother was (and this time it was more of a panicked yell) only to have the shopkeeper ask me if I was looking for my little one.  I turned to respond to her and see out of the corner of my eye, my son…in my arms.  Sigh…yes, I misplaced the child in my arms.  The icing on the cake was when my youngest then yelled to his siblings “Where’s your brother?!?!”  All I could do was laugh at my utter stupidity and say, “you know you have too many children when…”  Thankfully the shopkeeper laughed…I’m pretty sure she told every mother she saw that day about me.

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