Celebrity Post Baby Weight-Loss

September 10, 2012


Photo from Jessica Simpson’s website.

Today is the big Jessica Simpson post-baby weight loss reveal on Katie Couric.  I am trying really hard not to weigh-in on how she looks (pun is intended). Half of us are happy she is getting back into shape while the other half of us are insulted that it is expected a women be back to her pre-baby weight in under 4 months.  Whether you will admit it or not, all of us with some post-baby weight to lose think, “Well if I had a trainer, a nanny and a 4 million dollar payday, I too could have lost my baby weight by now.”

What I wish to comment on is my annoyance that celebrities (and some non-celebs I know too) claim their total weight loss by using the weight they were BEFORE giving birth. For example, celebrities claim they gained 50 lbs while pregnant and then lost 40 lbs of it on a diet plan.  Ummm, no.  On the day you gave birth you lost the weight of your baby, blood volume and retained fluid without any dietary assistance.  WW (and Jenny Craig a-la Mariah Carey) are taking the credit for nature’s work.  You didn’t lose 10 lbs overnight – you had a BABY – the 10 lbs is a beautiful baby, not shed weight.   If you want to sell me on a post baby weight-loss solution, please tell me how much you have lost since you were 6 weeks post baby, not how much you weighed at your first contraction.

PS – Ms. Simpson, you looked fabulous!

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