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September 7, 2012

Make Me Laugh

Friday features Make Me Laugh.  Readers share a humorous family related stories or photos. Please send your submission to:

Make Me Laugh for September 07

submitted by Angela C., Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta.

With three kids there are a lot of activities and it gets busier with every year!  The time came where we eventually had to divide and conquer….dad dropped the oldest boy off at birthday party and took our youngest home,  while I took our daughter to another birthday party.  After all the parties were done it was my job to pick up our oldest.  I was quite happy with how organised my husband and I were and feeling quite good about our first “busy” day with the kids. ..then I got to the party.  At first glance all was well….until my sister came and asked me who helped my son get ready.  I was a bit puzzled and said it was my husband.  She laughed and said, “Look at his pants”.  I look over at my son and see that his pants are on inside out….

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