Commentary on “I Left My 10 Week Old to go to Mexico”.

August 27, 2012


Even though my plan is to have a lighthearted blog for moms, and I am not quite ready for launch yet, I couldn’t let the latest mom controversy pass without a comment.   Maybe I will get lucky and my post will introduce people to my blog who will want to follow me when I fully launch the end of October.

I left my 10 week old to go to Mexico

Eye catching title. Controversy promises to ensue.  I set out to read the article, earnestly waiting to be angered that the author (Rebecca Eckler)  left her 10 week old with strangers while embarking on a crack spree rivaled only by that of Charlie Sheen and his ex.  Alas, I was disappointed.  Turns out Eckler went to Mexico with her husband for a week while leaving her 10 week old with both a grandmother (who has babysat the infant already) and a nanny (who I presume has been employed for a while).

The controversy surrounding the post seem to hover around a two themes.  First, why not bring the baby with her?  For a place where travel advisories include avoiding ice in your drinks for risk of e. coli, I can’t imagine water (boiled or not) for formula is ideal.  Last time I checked, it is hot in Mexico.  And sunny.  Neither of which are conducive to a 10 week old that can’t wear sunscreen.   I can imagine leaving the child at home in familiar surroundings, away from e.coli and 30 degrees is probably best the decision.

The second, and primary criticism, is that Eckler is not bonding properly with her child.  Let me get this straight: 7 nights away from your child will negate all past and future bonding efforts?  Wait until the adoption agencies, neonatal units who nurse sick or preemie children and countries where women have to go back to work as early as 6 weeks (yes United States, I mean you) get wind of THAT premise.  And what about the father in this equation (assuming he works)?  His lack of ability to care for the child during the day and likely all night must render children all over north America bond-less with their fathers.  Ridiculous.

It is short sited to think that only a mother is capable of providing love and care for a child.  Rumour has it; it takes a village.  Eckler seems to have access to a full time, caring, capably nanny as well as a local, loving grandparent.  Alas, this is where my critique arises.  If one has access to such support, why do you need a vacation?  While the father was away, the grandmother and nanny could have provided the same care to the child, while the mom enjoyed a spa day, socializing, blogging time, and full nights of sleep; without having to leave the country.  As far as I can see, the author took advantage of the opportunity to join her husband in Mexico and should be thankful she had a support network that enabled her to do so.  But don’t use ‘needing a break’, and ‘creating independence’ as an excuse for something you simply wanted to do.


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